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Polarographic  DO2 Electrode

Polarographic DO2 Electrode

Polargraphic Dissolved Oxygen Electrode
SENTEK manufacturers a polargraphic dissolved oxygen electrode, designed for laboratory measurements and has a standard 12mm body diameter.

In air-saturated water (20.9% Oxygen), the probe has an output of 600nA.

The residual output in zero oxygen solution is less than 1% of the output in saturated water.

One or two ATC sensors (Thermistor or PT100/1000) may be fitted to customers specific requirements. Replacing the Teflon membrane is quick and easy. Simply unscrew the old assembly, load the new one with fill solution and screw on to the electrode.

The electrode is supplied complete with 2 membrane assemblies and a 50ml bottle of filling solution.

A 50ml bottle of Zero Oxygen solution is available for calibration purposes.

When ordering replacement electrodes, please specify make and type of instrument for which the electrode is required.
When ordering please specify the following:


Technical Specification :
: 601/ABCD Polargraphic
Output at Saturation
: 600nA ± 25%
Output at Zero Oxygen : <1% saturation
Polarisation Voltage : 800mV
Membrane  : Teflon

A = Length of cable required in metres
B = ATC element (Th=Thermistor or Pt=Platinum Resistance Element)
C = Resistance value of ATC
D = Connector Type
Example: 601/2m/Th10K/5Pin Din – which would be 601 with 2m cable, 10K Thermistor ATC and 5 Pin Din Connector.

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