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Dissolved Chlorine Sensors

We are an eminent Manufacturer, Exporter, Wholesaler and Supplier of Automation and Instrumentation Products. These products are technologically advanced and are known for their durability and efficient performance.We offer Dissolved Chlorine Sensors.


Dissolved Chlorine Sensors

Free Chlorine, Inorganic Chlorine
Cannot measure with Cyanuric Acid present
• Amperometric Two and Three electrode systems with    replacement membranes.
• 30/40 L/h Flow rate required.
• 1 Bar permissable pressure
• Single point calibration
• Sample must be free of surfactants


With the exception of the 4-20mA sensors, where the length is 220mm, the sensors have a length of 175mm and a diameter of 25mm, with plug adaptor connection.

They are designed to fit into the available flow cells.

The low current produced by the sensors is electronically amplified in the measurement cell.

No zero point calibration is necessary, and measurements can be taken in pressure up to 1 BAR.

The sensors are temperature compensated, and will operate in the range 0 to 45 degrees C (for the 7 Series, 0-55).

The water has to be flowing to obtain a reading, which is why flow cells are recommended.

Changes to the minimum flow rate will only slightly affect the measurement signal.

Surfactants should not be present in the water being measured (does not apply to the 7 Series probes).

For the dual electrode system, the measurement cell is made of gold, and the counter and reference electrodes of silver with silver halogenid coating. A bias voltage (polarisation) is applied between the two electrodes.

For the potentiostatic 3 electrode system, the measurement electrode is made of gold, the reference electrode is made of silver with a silver halogenid coating, and the counter electrode of stainless steel.


 Specification 4 Pole Sensors
 Make      : SENTEK 
 Range: CL4.1N : 0.05 – 20 ppm
 CL4.1H : 0.005 – 2 ppm
 Resolution: CL4.1N : 0.01ppm
 CL4.1H : 0.001ppm
 Slope: CL4.1N : -100 mV/ppm
 CL4.1H : -1000 mV/ppm
 pH Range : 4 – 8 pH
 No. of Electrodes : 2
 Membrane Cap : M20

 2 Pole Sensors for 4-20mA Instruments
 Range: CL4.1MA0.5 : 0 – 0.5 ppm
 CL4.1MA2 : 0 – 2 ppm
 CL4.1MA5 : 0 – 5 ppm
 CL4.1MA10 : 0 – 10 ppm
 CL4.1MA20 : 0 – 20 ppm
 Resolution : 0.01 ppm
 pH Range : 4 – 8 pH
 No. of Electrodes : 2
 Membrane Cap : M20


• Handling, commissioning and service are extremely easy. The electrode system has a very long working life, with just    the membrane cap subject to wear and tear. This needs to be replaced every year. However, maintenance costs are    very low.

• The time needed to polarise most of the probes is less than 2 hours.

• No zero point calibration is necessary, and it is only necessary to have a single point calibration, only a slope test is    required.

• Because the flow dependence is so low, various in-line probe housings can be used, and it is possible to fit "in-line".

• For most of the probes it is possible to operate up to 1 Bar (higher on request), and this enables the water to be    easily returned.

• Temperature compensation is integrated in every probe.

• 90% of the final value of the measurement can be reached in less than 2 minutes for most measurement probes.

• Long term stability is excellent, slope loss is approximately 1% per month.

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