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pH, ORP and D.O. Sensors for Industrial Applications
SP Series ProcessProbe™

Glass or Polymer Body Sensors with Pg13.5 Threads


The SP Series ProcessProbe electrodes are available for pH and ORP measurements. The SP Series electrodes are 12 mm x 120 mm with threaded Pg13.5 cap. These dimensions make them compatible with many pre-existing housings found in industrial and waste treatment applications. Like all ProcessProbes, these electrodes are designed to work with Broadley-James transmit- ters and most other brands of existing instruments and cables.

The Double Junction Reference system used in all Broadley-James’ ProcessProbes reliably prevents process contaminants from fouling the reference. Since the reference is sealed, there is no electrolyte maintenance required.

The SP100 has a polymer body intended for use in applications up to 80º C and 4 bar (58 psig). This sensor may be a more economical alternative for low temp and low pressure industrial applications.

SP100 Specifications SP200 Specifications
pH Range. . . . . . . . . . . . . 0 - 14 pH (2 - 12 pH with
optimum accuracy) Redox Range . . . . . . . . . ±5000mV Temperature Range . . . 0 to 80º C
Max. Pressure Range. . . 4 bar, 58 psig
Wetted Materials . . . . . . Glass, Ceramic, Epoxy, Silicone
pH Range. . . . . . . . . . . . . 0 - 14 pH (2 - 12 pH with
optimum accuracy) Redox Range . . . . . . . . . ±5000 mV Temperature Range. . . -5 to 110º C
Max Pressure Range . . 10 bar, 150 psig Wetted Materials . . . . . Glass, Ceramic
12mm pH and ORP Sensors S400 Series ProcessProbe''
12mm-ph-orp-sensors s400-series-processprobe

pH and ORP Sensors with Ryton Housings
S400 Series ProcessProbe
Broadley-James pH and ORP Sensors for the Process Industries

These sensors are designed for rugged service in submersion or on-line applications.The reference cell features a Double Junction design for extended service life in harsh applications.The body, with integral pipe threads, is molded from chemical-resistant Ryton (PPS) and the reference junction is porous Teflon or ceramic. Built-in temperature compensators are available. Optional sensor guards on the front of the sensor protects the sensor tip from impact. Sensor also available in ORP (Redox) version.



pH Range 0 -14 pH
ORP Range + 5000 mV
Temperature Range 0 - 105°C
Max. Pressure/Temp 150 psig at 100°C
Reference Ag-AgCI
Wetted Materials Ryton,Teflon, Glass
Std. Cable Length 10 Feet


Maximum Flow Rate:
10 ft. (3 m) per second

Output Impedance:
< 250 megohms at 25° C

Chemical-resistant Wetted Materials
These high quality sensors are constructed of corrosion-resistant wetted materials including Rytorr,Teflon® and glass.

Coaxial Porous Teflon Reference Junction
The large annular junction resists fouling. Also, the sealed, double-junction reference electrode is highly resistant to poisoning.

Options Include:
Built-in temperature compensation
Built-in solution ground
Custom cable lengths
Choice of cable connectors

Suitable for High Temperature Applications
Compatible With Most pH and ORP Analyzers

ProcessProbem D.O. Sensors
Dissolved Oxygen Measurement for the Process Industries

The ProcessProbe D.O. sensor has been designed for use in any process streams or wastewater application.The body is machined from CPVC with integral 3/4"

NPT threads for easy installation. It also has a built-in thermistor for automatic temperature compensation. The dual-layer membrane is reinforced with stainless steel mesh. This mesh helps the membrane resist damage from particulates in the process stream extending the longevity of the sensor. The modular design of the membrane assembly makes regular maintenance simple and fast.


Temperature Range 0 - 80° C
Maximum Pressure Atmospheric
Response Time 98% in 60 seconds at 25° C
Sensor Body CPVC
Membrane PTFE/Silicone reinforced
with stainless steel mesh
0-ring seals Silicone rubber
Standard Cable Length 10 ft.

DynaProbe II® pH and ORP Sensors
High Pressure and High Temperature Sensors

Dyna Probes were designed to withstand the aggressive environment of pulp and paper manufacturing. The patented internal design features a solid state, reference half-cell with the unique lonTrap"' for extended sensor life in the most severe applications. Choose from the different body styles, body materials, reference materials and bulb designs to create a sensor to fit any industrial application. The three primary sensor designs are- Twist Lock, PipeThread, and Valve Retraction.

Twist Lock
Seals into the twist-lock housing adapter via dual o-rings for in-line measurements. The body is molded from chemical-resistant Ryton (PPS) and the reference junction is porous Teflon.

ST851 Series Specifications

pH Range 0-14 pH
ORP Range + 5000 mV
Temperature Range 0 -120° C
Maximum Pressure 50 psig at 120°C
Standard Wetted Materials Ryton,Teflon,Glass,Viton o-rings
Options Available Dome bulb, Flat bulb, or High pH glass
Compatible Housings Twist-Lock Adapter for threaded tee
Pipe Thread
These DynaProbes are designed for in-line or submersion applications. The sensor body threads directly into a tee or end of a pipe and is molded from chemical-resistant Ryton.

ST873 and 5T956 Series Specifications

pH Range 0 -14 pH
ORP Range + 5000 mV
Temperature Range 0 - 140°C
Maximum Pressure 150 psig at 120° C
Standard Wetted Materials Ryton,Teflon and Glass
Options Available Dome bulb, Flat bulb, or High pH glass
Compatible Housings 1" NPT or 3/4" NPT fittings


Valve Retraction

This sensor model is designed for use with the insertion/retraction assemblies. The sensor body, with integral bulb guard and anti-blowout restraint, is molded from chemical-resistant materials and the reference junction is porous Teflon.


ST977 Series Specifications

pH Range 0 -14 pH
ORP Range + 5000 mV
Temperature Range 0 - 1200C
Maximum Pressure 100 psig at 90° C
Standard Wetted Materials Ryton,Teflon and Glass
Compatible Housings Valve retraction assembly
Insertion sensor assembly


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